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Home sports and fitness equipment

Home sports and fitness equipment

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Ideal for those aiming to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle at home, our versatile equipment enables you to exercise and enhance your athletic skills in the comfort of your own space. Keep inspired and reach your fitness objectives with our premium home sports and fitness gear.

1, The 5-in-1 home training kit includes an adjustable jump rope, hand gripper, push-up bar, and an ab roller with knee pads. 
2 Actualizado's newer AB roller: This newer AB roller is made with a longer handle tube and is covered with a strong non-slip foam to make it more stable.
3. Excellent reinforced bracket-the curved bending rod can be removed or installed in a few seconds, and it is not easy to slide.
4. Grippers: Grippers are excellent tools for strengthening hands and arms, which can ensure safe and effective increase of grip.
5. Applicable to all fitness levels: comprehensive fitness-level fitness equipment is suitable for beginners and advanced exercise.
Sports suit: abdominal wheel, push-up support, grip, jump rope



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