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Yoga column

Yoga column

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Product name: Deep massage effect EPP yoga column EPP yoga shaft EPP foam shaft EPP relaxing massage shaft

Product Category: Yoga column
Specifications: 30*15cm, 45*15cm, 60*15cm, 90*15cm
Colour: Black
Hardness: 50

How to choose a foam roller?

1. According to carrying requirements: if you need full functionality, please choose a 90cm foam roller; if you require convenient carrying, please choose a 30-60cm foam roller.

2. According to the hardness requirements: EPP material is about 50 degrees; EVA material is 38 degrees; PE material is 28-38 degrees, the larger the value, the harder.

3. According to service life: EPP has high hardness and the most durable; EVA has good elasticity; durable, and PE has the least durability.

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