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Better Quality Made Of Cotton Mandala Blanket

Better Quality Made Of Cotton Mandala Blanket

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1、Printing process: The advanced digital printing process is adopted. The color will not fade in machine wash, hand wash, and high temperature wash. The surface layer has no attachments. The fabric feels the same on the outside and inside. The color is completely penetrated into the fabric fiber. The color fastness is not comparable to traditional processes and has good color fastness. Air permeability.

2、 Environmental protection: Imported environmentally friendly ink is used, and the printing equipment and materials are imported products.

Product information:

Style: Shawl/square scarf

Material: Polyester,towel cloth (ultra-fine fiber)

Weaving method: Plain weave

Pattern: Color grid

Function: Decoration

Processing method: Printing

Popular elements: Tassels

Product Image:

1*Beach scarf

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