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Fitness Sliding Disc Coordination Ability Round Sliding Mat

Fitness Sliding Disc Coordination Ability Round Sliding Mat

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PP plastic, environmentally friendly and tasteless, withstand pressure and drop resistance, strong and durable
EVA cushion with EVA cushion and non-slip cotton on the front for good comfort

1. This slider is made of high-quality PP engineering plastics, precautions. It is rugged and durable.
2. This slide allows you to perform your skills in aiming at each muscle group.
3. Small size and lightweight, so you can carry it with you.
4. You can use a sliding disc on any surface, such as wood, carpet, carpet, or tile.
The five sliding discs require a constant, stable core that provides incredible basic exercise.
Practice 6 times a day, burn calories, strengthen your bones, endurance, make your body more flexible, strengthen blood circulation, and let you have a healthy body.

Material: environmentally friendly PP plastic
Size: long 18cm, width 18cm, thickness 2cm
Color: yellow, red, pink, orange, green, blue, black, violet

Package Content:
1pair(2 pieces)

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