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Joola Pickleball Paddle

Joola Pickleball Paddle

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These features collectively indicate that the pickleball paddle is designed for performance, meeting official standards, providing spin control with a carbon friction surface, and ensuring durability with a Dura Foam Edge. The lightweight nature of the paddle can contribute to ease of use and maneuverability during play.


  • 14/16mm thickness, indicating the width of the paddle. This can affect the paddle's power and control.

USAPA Approved:

  • Indicates that the pickleball paddle is approved by the USAPA (USA Pickleball Association), ensuring it meets official standards for use in competitive play.

Carbon Friction Surface:

  • The paddle features a carbon friction surface, which can enhance the grip on the pickleball and contribute to spin control.

Fiber Maximum Spin:

  • Implies that the paddle is designed to maximize spin, a crucial aspect in pickleball for control and strategic play.

Lightweight Paddle:

  • Described as lightweight, suggesting that the paddle is easy to handle and maneuver during gameplay.

Dura Foam Edge:

  • Incorporates a Dura Foam Edge, likely to enhance durability and protect the edges of the paddle from damage.
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