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Printed Yoga Mat Drape Sweat-Absorbent Fitness Yoga Towel Yoga Drape

Printed Yoga Mat Drape Sweat-Absorbent Fitness Yoga Towel Yoga Drape

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Product information:

Material: Superfine fiber
Product category: Yoga towel
Applicable scenes: running sports, fitness and bodybuilding, dance sports
Composition: 80% polyester, 20% nylon
Features: Soft and comfortable, sweat-absorbent and non-slip
Size: 185cm*65cm

01 color: exotic
02 color: Indian mood
03 color: colorful
04 Color: Ji Guang Feng Yu
05 color: butterfly dance flying
06 color: dazzling lattice
07 Color: Vast Starry Sky
08 Color: Oneness of Brahma and I
09 Color: Tree of Yoga
10 color: carved gold and green
11 Colors: Flirting
12 Color: Empty Valley Orchid
13 colors: colorful Yunnan
14 colors: colorful feather bells
15 colors: cherry blossom,
16 colors: eight rhyme
17 color: Babaosheng
18 colors: Simba
19 Color: Lingbo Fairy
20 colors: flow color dark flower
21 colors: tropical rainforest
22 color: golden hibiscus
23 colors: Ruyi pattern
24 colors: tilapia
25 colors: peony
26 colors: Vientiane from the heart
27 color: rhombus geometry
28 colors: position line
29 color: bird feather
30 colors: Bohemia
31 color: masonry blue
32 colors: if blue

Packing list: Yoga towel*1

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