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Sit-up Aid Fitness Equipment Home Abdominal Curling Abdomen Abdomen

Sit-up Aid Fitness Equipment Home Abdominal Curling Abdomen Abdomen

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This Sit-up Aid Fitness Equipment offers a comfortable and effective way to perform abdominal exercises at home. Designed to support proper form and motion, it helps increase abdominal strength and tone. Made with durable materials for long-lasting use. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Product information:

Whether it can be folded: Yes
Item No.: EX-0142
Scope of application: office, outdoor, home
Weight: 0.7 (kg)
Model: Abdominal Roller
Specification: Single
Color: black-horizontal bar, pink-horizontal bar, blue-horizontal bar, purple-horizontal bar, black*-double bar, pink-double bar, blue-double bar, purple-double bar, single sucker, be careful, English version Need to customize 3-5 days to ship, take this option
Have licensable own brand: Yes
Whether the cross-border export special source of supply: Yes

Packing list:

Abdominal crimpx1

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