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Water filled dumbbells

Water filled dumbbells

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Key points:
1. Non-slip handle: your first weight-adjustable dumbbell: save space. Required amount of water: individually adjusted weight. Ideal for use on the go: extremely small, stowable stuff. Dumbbells have non-slip plastic handles.
2. High-quality materials: The dumbbell bag is made of qualified PVC material, which will never run out, and the plug is firm and does not have to be loose.
3. Use a comfortable purchase method: just pour water into the bag and adjust to the correct weight. (Maximum 10 kg / 22 lbs), you can wear it for hotel business trips and sports.
4, safe use: safe to use, will not harm the user of the body or floor. This is exactly an innovative water sports dumbbell.
5. Adaptation: There are several adoption methods, which are good for men, women and children. The benefits of using dumbbells include body contours and fitness, increased strength or bodybuilding.

1. Adjustable weight. (1kg-10kg). This upgraded barbell water can hold 11 to 22 pounds. Exercise biceps, triceps, and arms. Turn fat into muscle. Keep your upper body healthy and firm.
2. Compact and lightweight: Barbell is easy to carry when traveling. These travel dumbbells are foldable and weigh only 1.5 pounds (including pull rods and other parts), reducing the burden on travel luggage.
3. High-quality PVC material, no leakage, no odor, soft and durable. Our water weight dumbbells can be used for a long time, no matter how they roll without deforming or breaking
. 4. It is a water injection device. Adjustable dumbbells are safer than solid iron and will not hurt the floor and your family.

Status: Brand New
Material: PVC
Quantity: 2 PCS (one pair)
color: blue
Option: 10 kg
Size exceeds 34 * 19 cm / 13.38 * 7.48
Weight: more than 800g


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